Clay Poker Chips Sets Are For Real Players

The chips you use are a vital part of any poker game but there is a lot to choose from and it might be difficult to do in order to find the right ones. Here are some factors that will help you find poker chips that are perfectly suited for you. Your budget is the most important factor of course but once you figure out your budget then you need to chose and which one depends on how much you play.

Plastic chips are the cheapest ones, and might be a good choice if you have a small budget. However, composite chips generally last longer and will probably save you some money in the long run. Clay composite chips are the most luxurious and also the most expensive. The weight of the chips is another factor; heavy chips cost more than light chips. so far this is common sense right?

That is until you start to really get into it! There are hundreds of poker chip designs and styles. Your aim should obviously be to find one that’s appealing to you (and maybe your buddies). The material the chips are made of might actually influence the design. For example, clay chips may vary slightly in design since the material spreads out the color. Composite chips, on the other hand, are very hard and able to display very sharp and detailed patterns.

The rise and fall of online poker

It used to be quite easy to find free poker sites from the US. They were basically everywhere! Then the Texas Holdem poker boom hit the US and also the rest of the world. A lot of people started out practicing on those free pokers sites, but got addicted. They got hooked to poker sites and moved on to higher and higher stakes poker. The government realized the risks of poker becoming so popular and the number of addicts rising that it changed gambling laws. Many online pokers sites where actually closed down.

Of course there are still some internet poker sites to be found on the net, but in former times you could find much more and much better sites. Most of the sites nowadays pay almost nothing and use mainly advertisements to finance their sites. Many players find that really annoying and have turned away from online poker.

There are a few sites that are still pretty good and used by a large amount of players. With a little internet research they can be found quite easily. Also there is a huge number of poker blogs and forums on the net. There you can inform yourself about different poker games, poker rules or poker cheats. Many of them give novice poker players quite a good insight into the game and are therefore recommendable. If you are a experienced player those sites won’t show you anything new. You should rather go for poker forums where you can discuss different poker topics with a variety of people.

In any case, just because the really good poker websites were closed, you shouldn’t stay away from poker as it is a really fun and interesting game!

Can poker bots and cheaters take over?

Millions of people everywhere are playing online poker. In some countries the poker boom is just starting, and others it’s been growing for years and shows no signs of slowing down. Poker’s here to stay right? Well it may be the advancement of online poker bots that finally burst the bubble.
Until this week i’ve never thought about bots being a problem. But just the other day I found a site named that lets you download a bot, that plays for you. It’s free for a day, then you need to buy a license. They aksi have a forum of almost 2000 members where people discuss ways to program it to maximize EV.
So out of curiosity I downloaded it to see if it actually works(not to cheat). Within 10 minutes I had it playing poker for me on pokerstars .02/.04 limit poker. It wasn’t playing good, but it was definitely playing without my help. I closed the table down after 4 minutes, but here’s a screenshot. In this hand the bot limped in early position with 98s, and went into auto check/fold mode after flopping middle pair, but with no draws.

Well that definitely proved that having a bot play for you at even the largest poker site is possible. A further look into the WinHoldem forum shows that programing the bot into a winning player is REALLY hard though, and most of the members are a joke trying to make $1/hour at the lowest stakes.
But what the WinHoldem site shows is that there’s a huge market for buying poker bots, which is what can really ruin the game. Licenses for the WinHoldem but cost between $25 and $200, and it’s not even set up to win! If more then 1000 people (just a guess) are paying for the 1-year subscription, imagine how much someone could charge for a WINNING poker bot, and how many people would buy it. There’s gotta be a lot more money in selling bots, then just using them for yourself. It’s safer also.
There can be a whole competitive market for making and selling bots. The prices will get cheaper and the bots will get more advanced. All the losing players will be buying these, and eventually even the largest sites will dry up.